Hickory Molasses
Bar-B-Q Sauce

Far and away the best barbecue sauce recipe we’ve ever tasted, this is one of the finest grilling sauces available. Molasses, brown sugar and vinegar with a touch of fig combine for a flavor adventure that’s topped off with the spicy kick of chipotle pepper and ancho chile along with genuine hickory smokiness for old fashioned barbecue sauce goodness. The molasses bar-b-q sauce works fantastic with your chicken wing recipes too!
Spicy Habanero
Hot Mustard

Scott Free’s favorite grilling sauce…this is no pale yellow mustard. Fire Brand lives up to its name with this fiery blend of mustard, garlic, ancho chile and habanero chile powders, along with a substantial dose of award winning Fire Brand Hot Sauce. This spicy mustard sauce will kick up everything from hot dogs to deviled eggs and potato salad.
Original Habanero
Hot Sauce

Fire Brand Habanero Hot Sauce brings more than just the heat…It brings rich, bold flavor unmatched by any other sauce. This sauce is a perfect medley of fresh tomatoes, onions, habanero chiles, roasted garlic and roasted serrano peppers specially blended with 10 different herbs and spices including Mexican oregano and cumin seed. Chicken wing recipes, chili, eggs, chips and salsa, and Mexican food have never tasted better!
Steak Sauce

Fire Brand Original Steak Sauce will kick up burgers, roasts, and chops and of course steaks of all cuts and sizes. We’ve even put it on Ostrich steaks, shark steaks, and wild game. Bold, thick and delicious with undertones of garlic and onions and the zesty kick of chipotle and black pepper along with hickory smoke and a subtle sweetness. This is what BOLDNESS and Fire Brand grilling sauces are all about.
Fire Brand Grilling Sauces - a revolution of flavor. From our bold smoky barbecue sauce recipes to habanero hot sauce that will make your chicken wing recipes the envy of the neighborhood Fire Brand grilling sauces were hand-crafted with one goal in mind…to make eating an adventure in flavor. Hand selected ingredients prepared to the strictest standards in tiny batches ensure that every bottle of sauce we sell brings you quality you can taste. Try All Four and Don’t Fear Boldness Mejo!


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