WELCOME TO FIRE BRAND barbecue sauces
by Freedom Grill

Fire Brand grilling sauces
are the natural extension of our never-ending quest for better barbecue. We’ve tasted 1000's of barbecue sauce recipes searching for the perfect combination of ingredients to call our own and this is the result. We cried like babies when we came across the formula for Fire Brand Habanero Hot Sauce. (I think that was mostly from the habanero peppers though)

Each of our 4 Original Sauces is handcrafted in small batches right here in the Southwest using only the freshest individually selected ingredients available and no preservatives. If we had the time we’d grow them ourselves but we’re always too busy grilling up new barbecue sauce recipes. The microbatch process creates the boldest barbecue sauces you’ll find anywhere. When you’re looking for barbecue condiments, sauce, or seasonings Fire Brand is your one stop shop.

The only thing you won’t find at Fire Brand is wimpy, runny, watered-down barbecue sauces sauces with no flavor. Our sauces are bold, thick, and rich and every one of them has enough of a kick to let your taste buds know you’re alive. Don't believe us? Try any one of our barbecue sauce recipes, and let us know!

We started with hot sauce because we’re in Southern California and we put hot sauce on everything. Fire Brand Original Habanero Hot Sauce is a bold spicy blend of fresh tomatoes, onions, habanero chiles, roasted garlic and roasted serrano peppers specially blended with 10 different herbs and spices including Mexican Oregano and Cumin Seed. It’s got heat but it isn’t just hot; this is a sauce of unmatched richness and complexity and tastes great on pretty much everything.

Nothing says summer like the taste of barbecue so of course we have barbecue sauces. Hickory Molasses Bar-B-Q Sauce is thick and sweet with a zesty kick from chipotle and ancho peppers, the sweet taste of molasses, and genuine hickory smokiness. Following time honored barbecue sauce recipes; this sauce is slow cooked in tiny batches to develop the rich complex flavor that goes well with anything grilled, smoked, baked, or fried.

Because nothing beats a thick juicy steak, we offer Fire Brand Original Steak Sauce with hints of Garlic, Onions, and Black Pepper combined with the sweetness of Fig, and natural hickory to really bring out the flavor of the meat and give your mouth something to remember.

Last and certainly not least is Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Hot Mustard. In fact, this is the office favorite...a fiery blend of Mustard, Garlic, Ancho Chile and Habanero Chile powders along with a substantial dose of "Award Winning" Fire Brand Hot Sauce. This mustard will kick up anything from hot dogs to potato salad.

Nothing beats Fire Brand’s line of barbecue condiment sauces for seasoning meat to perfection. Now that we’ve spent years bringing this sauce (and this site) to you, I invite you to explore the site for barbecue recipes, grilling tips, and downloads, and most importantly order some sauce so you can taste it for yourself.

Above all else…Don’t Fear Boldness Mejo!

Scott Free

Freedom Grill Founder, Creator of Fire Brand Sauces, and
115% MAN


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Fire Brand by Freedom Grill wins Scovie Awards 2nd Place Hickory Molasses Bar B-Q Sauce, 3rd Place Product Brochure, 3rd Place Website Design. Fire Brand by Freedom Grill wins Nation Barbecue Association Awards 2nd Place Original Steak Sauce, 3rd Place Spicy Habanero Hot Mustard, and 5th Place Hickory Molasses Bar-B-Q Sauce.


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